The Band Has Really Improved with Practice

Of course the band only exists because we got a rich lead singer. He has been able to get the money to keep it all afloat and we have actually gotten a lot better from rehearsal. The rest of us know that he is not a very good singer, but he does seem to somewhat make up for it with theatrics. He went and hired a video production house in Singapore last week and we made a video, but when we listened to it we realized that someone had done some work to the vocals. We were impressed in a way that was not so great for him. All of the rest of us got to thinking that we were really close to being a good band, and that we would not ever get much closer until we got someone who could sing. Continue Reading “The Band Has Really Improved with Practice”

Small Interest Could Be a Huge Career

When I was in high school, being able to build a mobile app and help companies was always something that I wanted to do. I loved playing on apps and using them on my phone. I had no idea that being a mobile app developer was something that I could go to college and learn about. I really had no idea how interesting of a career path that would be for me either.

Straight out of high school, I went to college for computer information studies. Computers and technology were always passions of mine and working in IT was probably the only career goal I had. It was a small dream, but I knew it was something that I would enjoy. One of my roommates was actually in a few of my classes, but she had different dreams. Continue Reading “Small Interest Could Be a Huge Career”