A good review from Wikipedia for spyware doctor review part

The spyware is a product is used for protecting virus t o the computers. There are many companies in the market which produced software for protecting virus. They are some of them good and some of them are really good, but they are not automatic. Once the virus takes place it would inform by its icons and we need to clear the virus by doing scanning. A system would take four to five hours of scanning the virus. In such time we would not be in a position to use the computer. We have to avail internet cafe or some other way. But the spyware doctor which would remove the virus automatically. The software doctor can be down loaded from their site after paying the money. It would take hardly five minutes to complete the process. Once the process is over the system would have no problem for one complete year. Normally Wikipedia would review a product only it’s plus and minus. But for software doctor review is appealing and the most of them are true and nothing of any extra. People who suspect in their mind about the software doctor can just read and find the truth for their satisfaction.