A Weird Man in an Odd Store

Last year I opened up a store that sells odd items. I got the idea for the store from a television show about a couple that sold creepy and mysterious items. I figured there had to be a lot of people in my area that had those types of things sitting around in their attics and basements, collecting dust. The store gave them a chance to part with those items, while giving others a chance to buy them. I browsed CCTV systems and had one installed before opening the store, because I had a feeling that it would come in handy.

I get all kinds of people in my store, from normal people, to those that I would classify as weird. They’re all customers to me, and if they can keep my store thriving, then they’re all welcome. I noticed something funny about one of the people who walked into the store one day. He had a shifty look in his eyes and a funny walk. I figured I should keep an eye on him, just in case he tried to do anything suspicious. In the back of the store, my brother was watching the CCTV. I asked the man if he needed any help, but he told me that he didn’t and he was only browsing.

The man was about to leave the store, but then an alarm went off. The man started to run and an item fell out of his coat pocket. It was something from one of the store shelves. The man had tried to shoplift, but he didn’t count on the alarm going off. The CCTV was able to record footage of the man putting the item into his coat pocket. I called the police and gave them the footage of the man so they could use it to catch him.