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Voiceofstamford http://voiceofstamford.com Sat, 23 Nov 2019 13:32:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.12 The Band Has Really Improved with Practice http://voiceofstamford.com/the-band-has-really-improved-with-practice/ Sat, 23 Nov 2019 13:32:54 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=121 Of course the band only exists because we got a rich lead singer. He has been able to get the money to keep it all afloat and we have actually gotten a lot better from rehearsal. The rest of us know that he is not a very good singer, but he does seem to somewhat make up for it with theatrics. He went and hired a video production house in Singapore last week and we made a video, but when we listened to it we realized that someone had done some work to the vocals. We were impressed in a way that was not so great for him. All of the rest of us got to thinking that we were really close to being a good band, and that we would not ever get much closer until we got someone who could sing. This guy from the video place started to act like he knew exactly what we should.

In fact he came up with some pretense to get rid of Ken and then told us that he could sing, play guitar, bass and keyboards. This was the truth it turned out, he showed us his web page and then he sang a few songs for us. There was no dancing around what he was saying and it was not anything that the rest of us did not know. Of course we do not own the band name and there is not any doubt that we never would have gotten so far without him or his dad’s money. We sat down and offered to let him be our manager, but he was only interested in standing in front of the band. We found out that he had a whole new version of the band playing in a party five days after all of this.

Small Interest Could Be a Huge Career http://voiceofstamford.com/small-interest-could-be-a-huge-career/ Thu, 21 Nov 2019 01:31:28 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=119 When I was in high school, being able to build a mobile app and help companies was always something that I wanted to do. I loved playing on apps and using them on my phone. I had no idea that being a mobile app developer was something that I could go to college and learn about. I really had no idea how interesting of a career path that would be for me either.

Straight out of high school, I went to college for computer information studies. Computers and technology were always passions of mine and working in IT was probably the only career goal I had. It was a small dream, but I knew it was something that I would enjoy. One of my roommates was actually in a few of my classes, but she had different dreams.

One night, we had decided to help each other study for a test we had in Information Servicing. She made the comment that a few of this stuff was like when you build an app. We started to talk about app building and she showed me a few apps she had on the stores on the phone. I had no idea that she had a side job of creating apps. She said she always loved doing that and that there is always a lot of good money to be made by building apps.

After some talking, she got me interested in learning how to build apps. One night, she did a crash course in how to create an app and taught me the scripts I needed to learn and set me up on a path of learning. A week later, I created my first app. It wasn’t much, but it was one I created for my own phone to help me keep up with my calendars.

Years later, I still dabble in app development. I do a few here and there, but nothing major. My old roommate has went on to be the head director for some of the biggest apps in the world and has been a creative director for some of them as well.

Hospitality – Booking a Room is Just the Beginning http://voiceofstamford.com/hospitality-booking-a-room-is-just-the-beginning/ Sun, 20 Oct 2019 16:30:24 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=115 A beautiful hotel with a pool and a great location! You can’t wait to go on your next vacation at a beautiful resort like this, but it is so expensive! Where does all of that money go and who accounts for all of it? How can the hospitality industry be sure the money is going to the right placed? How can a hotel know that an employee isn’t skimming some money off the top? This is where Hospitality accountants come into play.

First let’s figure out exactly what “hospitality” means. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines hospitality as, “generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests or hospitable treatment.” So the hospitality industry is an industry that caters to this exact type of need. The industry includes a broad category of fields within the service industry and includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, traveling and additional fields within the tourism industry. Obviously, this is a long list of different fields, but they all have one thing in common – each of these fields wants to make the customer happy and feel at home.

After you pay for your room, or your cruise, for example, the money you pay goes onto the hotels books. Here things become a bit complicated and this is why there need to be special hospitality accountants that specialize in the type of income streams and expenses that are unique to the hospitality field. Businesses in the hospitality fields hire these accountants to parse the numbers in their books. These accountants are quick to be able to spot whether all the numbers look legitimate, or if it looks like the books have been “cooked” – meaning there appears to be some fraudulent activity going on behind the scenes. There are many different individuals and firms that specialize in this particular field and a quick search of the internet will quickly turn up some good suggestions. If you’re looking for an accountant that specializes in the hospitality field talk to people who own hotels, or to the corporate office of some larger corporations. They will surely be able to point you in the right direction.

Wedding Entertainment for All Ages http://voiceofstamford.com/wedding-entertainment-for-all-ages/ Sat, 06 Jul 2019 04:30:31 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=111 When my boyfriend proposed to me, we both agreed that we did not want a long engagement. We are very traditional, and we wanted to be husband and wife sooner rather than later. We planned the wedding for the summer months, which gave us just over half a year to plan everything. There are a lot of kids in our family, so we did not want the traditional wedding and reception that most wedding days consist of. I did a search for entertainment hire so I could find a company that hires out the different things that we were looking for.

I wanted to have a live band for the adults, but I also wanted plenty of entertainment for the younger guests who would be there. We knew of the 200 people coming to the wedding, at least 75 of them were kids, and we wanted them to have a lot of fun there too. I was really happy when I came across one entertainment company that was able to provide everything we needed for the kids. The best part is that though we were initially looking at things for the kids, we both knew that even the adult guests would enjoy what is there.

We ended up getting magicians who would entertain the guests depending on their ages. We also had a comedian for the older folks and a band for everyone. There was a person there to do face painting for the kids, and we had another artist who was able to create keepsake pieces of art for everyone who was there. It was such a great time that I know when other members of our families get married in the future, they are going to use this same company to provide entertainment for both the kids and the adults who attend!

Why You Need a Data Consultant http://voiceofstamford.com/why-you-need-a-data-consultant/ Mon, 24 Jun 2019 12:30:56 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=109 The modern internet is necessary for consumers and businesses. When ever expanding data needs are not met that spells trouble for your company. Technology tools that enable everyday functions only go so far. Often times it is important to get the professional opinion of a data consultant to determine the plan for your organization.

Every day we see developments in cyber security and operational requirements that must be overseen by someone trusted in your circle to help navigate the waters with the right planning and execution guidance of your data needs. Historically the evidence shows every year that the speed of technological development increases. This is a computational law and recognition of this fact equals profits to those who can keep up with the changes.

It’s very easy for a company without a data consultant to become outdated and obsolete before they realize it’s too late. Either from changing technologies for your databases to mandatory security requirements. Your data needs to be readily available and working smoothly on a daily basis. Even smaller businesses benefit greatly by having access to the right guidance about their data needs and overhead assessments.

Operational expenses can get out of control quickly when there is no prior planning for things like sudden increase in server activity or unexpected server outages. Backups of your information are crucial to conducting successful business, but have you established a plan for accurately restoring your backups? It can be incredibly difficult to plan for these events when your area of expertise is focused on running your business.

A data consultant is more than just someone who gives you advice. They are aware of the ever-changing nature of technology and how it affects your custom needs, but the best service they provide is peace of mind. Determining your business needs and mapping out a strategy with realistic options only scratches the surface. There are thousands of hardware & programming issues that could require immediate attention at any time, it’s best to be prepared with an expert available.

It is Cheaper to Buy Online http://voiceofstamford.com/it-is-cheaper-to-buy-online/ Sun, 14 Apr 2019 16:31:32 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=104 I love shopping online because I get such great deals there. Here in my hometown, we have just one main store. If we travel maybe 20 minutes or so, we have two more options. That is how far out we are. Because of this, there is really no competition, so prices can be high on a lot of things. I wanted to buy a leather handbag not that long ago because my old one was fraying pretty badly, but I knew that I would end up paying top dollar if I shopped locally.

I went online to look at a few different sites, and I found a lovely navy leather purse that is the right size. I was able to look at several pictures so I could see it from all angles as well as the inside of it. It has more room inside than I thought at first, so I really appreciated having those pictures to look at. I put that in my shopping basket, but I was not quite done shopping on this site yet. I saw that they carry a lot more than just handbags, so I decided to look around the site some more.

When I looked at the necklace collection, I fell in love with so many of the different pieces. My favorite stone is pearl, and my favorite flower is a daisy. When I saw a daisy shaped charm with a pearl in the middle, I knew that I had to have it. The price was just as amazing for the beautiful necklace as it was for my handbag, so I knew that I could shop some more. I ended up getting a scarf too, and I only paid a bit more for all three items than I would have paid for the purse alone at the local store. See why I love online shopping so much?

It is Cheaper to Install a Security System Myself http://voiceofstamford.com/it-is-cheaper-to-install-a-security-system-myself/ Tue, 26 Mar 2019 00:30:21 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=102 Crime is not a huge problem where I live. I think the worst that happens is some kids might spray some graffiti on the street from time to time. I cannot say much to that because my friends and I would do the same when we were their age. I am not advocating it, but I do understand it. Even with that being the worst crime that happens, I still wanted to look at Pyronix burglar alarms when my mom bought a house not too far from me. I was not worried about someone attempting to break into my home, but my attitude changes quickly when it comes to my mom.

She lives about a mile away in a small one bedroom cottage. It has a fence around it, but I know that fences don’t keep anything out that want to go in. My mom can take care of herself, but I still wanted that extra layer of security because she is a single and elderly woman living alone. If someone has bad thoughts in their head, then someone like my mom is a good target for them.

I looked online at different burglar alarms, and I really liked what the Pyronix systems have to offer. The company I looked at first is the only one I looked at because they have a wide variety of superior products at prices that just cannot be beat. I like that I could buy single replacment cameras, remotes and fobs among other things there too along with the entire kit to initially get her house outfitted with a complete security system. I was able to do the complete installation myself too, which really saved me a lot of money considering the professional installers want at least three times the amount of money that I spent doing it myself.

I Found a Great Investment Opportunity in Singapore http://voiceofstamford.com/i-found-a-great-investment-opportunity-in-singapore/ Tue, 05 Feb 2019 17:30:30 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=99 I always tell my friends that everyone should own at least a house or some property, that is a great way to invest and generate wealth by building equity . So how did I find the Sloane Residences in Singapore? With investment opportunities in mind I started searching for something that caught my imagination and would be sure to be a great long-term investment. Since I like to travel I wanted to find something overseas that would meet all my requirements and would be almost a sure thing. My checklist contained many things that I would think that certain travelers wourld want or desire. This is my check-list. High-end residences, reputable schools, healthcare, amenities and for business travelers a place that was close to government institutions and a business centre. In other words something that would attract business or international employees from all over the world.

I have found the perfect place, the Sloane Residences in Singapore. It is geared towards Singapore’s upscale residents and international travelers. There are many high-end residences, some very impressive schools like Singapore Girls’ Chinese School and the Anglo-Chinese Primary School plus there are eight international learning institutions. There is great Golf a short distance away and many high end restaurants, food centers and luxurious clubs both walking distance and a short drive away , you can even take a stroll trough the Singapore Botanic Gardens just 1/4 Km from Sloane Residences. All this while being close to multiple embassies and the Central Business District. Last but not least Sloane Residences have available healthcare like the Novena Medical Hub and many services like traditional Chinese drugs and even cosmetic surgeries.

If you are looking for international real state you can’t do better than Sloane Residences as a good long-term investments that is a good bet to increase in value over time, get great equity and protect yourself from market volatility.

We Enjoyed Our Walking Holiday http://voiceofstamford.com/we-enjoyed-our-walking-holiday/ Sun, 30 Sep 2018 00:30:26 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=87 We wanted to do something different for our vacation last year, so we told the kids to all put on their thinking caps. My husband and I did the same, then we discussed what we came up with one week later. All the ideas were great, but our oldest son had the best idea of all of us. He had researched walking holidays in Spain. It was something none of us had heard of before, but he discovered it when he was looking at various destinations to vacation at in Spain.

Our entire family is very active, and we enjoy hiking a lot. We are not professional mountain climbers by any means, but we are definitely not amateurs either. I was proud of our son for finding a vacation spot that would allow us to stay somewhere we had never been before, and it also incorporated different hiking and walking options. We are not competitive with this. Rather, we just enjoy walking and looking at nature, getting a workout, and just spending time together. There were two different itineraries for walking holidays, and that was our biggest struggle because they both looked so fun.

We ended up choosing the first itinerary. The walks averaged to about five hours each, with a free day in the middle. Even on the days where we walked different trails and circuits, we still had plenty of time throughout the rest of the day to do other things. The house we stayed in was comfortable, the town offered a lot of fun things to do, and the walks were the highlight of the day. We all instantly agreed to give it a try. We enjoyed our walking holiday so much that I think we are going to end up doing it again in the very near future!

A Weird Man in an Odd Store http://voiceofstamford.com/a-weird-man-in-an-odd-store/ Tue, 12 Jun 2018 12:32:10 +0000 http://voiceofstamford.com/?p=82 Last year I opened up a store that sells odd items. I got the idea for the store from a television show about a couple that sold creepy and mysterious items. I figured there had to be a lot of people in my area that had those types of things sitting around in their attics and basements, collecting dust. The store gave them a chance to part with those items, while giving others a chance to buy them. I browsed CCTV systems and had one installed before opening the store, because I had a feeling that it would come in handy.

I get all kinds of people in my store, from normal people, to those that I would classify as weird. They’re all customers to me, and if they can keep my store thriving, then they’re all welcome. I noticed something funny about one of the people who walked into the store one day. He had a shifty look in his eyes and a funny walk. I figured I should keep an eye on him, just in case he tried to do anything suspicious. In the back of the store, my brother was watching the CCTV. I asked the man if he needed any help, but he told me that he didn’t and he was only browsing.

The man was about to leave the store, but then an alarm went off. The man started to run and an item fell out of his coat pocket. It was something from one of the store shelves. The man had tried to shoplift, but he didn’t count on the alarm going off. The CCTV was able to record footage of the man putting the item into his coat pocket. I called the police and gave them the footage of the man so they could use it to catch him.