Holding out for a Better Job

School, job, pay back loans. That is what was on my mind. School is not cheap. And when you do not have a family that makes a lot of money, it can get downright difficult to pull off even with just an undergraduate degree. I am the first generation in my family that has obtained a degree. My parents are very proud of me. They put into my education more than they could afford, and I need to work to help them now. I have been looking at recruitment companies bristol so that I do not have to move to another area. I want to stay close to where my parents are at. They had me later in life, and they are approaching their retirement years. I want them to be able to retire.

I have a cousin who thinks I should have accepted a job offer from an acquaintance. The problem is that the company is looking for talent but not wanting to pay a fair wage. I could get an income going right away with them, but the hours involved would prevent me from even seeking a better job. I decided to keep looking for better graduate jobs in Bristol. I put in my resume for my field at every place could think of. When I looked online to find more opportunities for graduate jobs in Bristol, I found a website that was a big help.

It allowed me to get an interview with a place that actually was looking for real talent and was willing to invest in their workers to keep them. Holding out for just another couple of months allowed me to land a job that will be a career for me. I am so glad that I did not take that other job. I would have been burned out in six months.