I Found a Great Investment Opportunity in Singapore

I always tell my friends that everyone should own at least a house or some property, that is a great way to invest and generate wealth by building equity . So how did I find the Sloane Residences in Singapore? With investment opportunities in mind I started searching for something that caught my imagination and would be sure to be a great long-term investment. Since I like to travel I wanted to find something overseas that would meet all my requirements and would be almost a sure thing. My checklist contained many things that I would think that certain travelers wourld want or desire. This is my check-list. High-end residences, reputable schools, healthcare, amenities and for business travelers a place that was close to government institutions and a business centre. In other words something that would attract business or international employees from all over the world.

I have found the perfect place, the Sloane Residences in Singapore. It is geared towards Singapore’s upscale residents and international travelers. There are many high-end residences, some very impressive schools like Singapore Girls’ Chinese School and the Anglo-Chinese Primary School plus there are eight international learning institutions. There is great Golf a short distance away and many high end restaurants, food centers and luxurious clubs both walking distance and a short drive away , you can even take a stroll trough the Singapore Botanic Gardens just 1/4 Km from Sloane Residences. All this while being close to multiple embassies and the Central Business District. Last but not least Sloane Residences have available healthcare like the Novena Medical Hub and many services like traditional Chinese drugs and even cosmetic surgeries.

If you are looking for international real state you can’t do better than Sloane Residences as a good long-term investments that is a good bet to increase in value over time, get great equity and protect yourself from market volatility.