Information About Video Home Security Systems

This is one of the latest introductions in the field of security systems for home. This has been a revolution in the field of security systems, since it operates like a TV network in a limited area. This type of security system is used in some areas which require vigorous monitoring for any abnormal movements. The major components in this system is the monitor, camera, cable or wire in case of wired system, power supply and recorders. A special software called the home video security software is used in this system. The camera available is either black and white or the infrared one. Monitor is either a TV or PC. Recording and replaying the recording can done using recorders and in case if we are using a PC, there is no need of separate recorders. Power supply with one main and another back up is required, so that it can switch to the back up if there is no power or the power is cut off. The software is used to receive the signal from the camera and the sensors and store them in the hard disk. This software even plays the role of giving message to our mobile, so that we become alert, when there is some movement in our house, when we are outside.