It is Cheaper to Install a Security System Myself

Crime is not a huge problem where I live. I think the worst that happens is some kids might spray some graffiti on the street from time to time. I cannot say much to that because my friends and I would do the same when we were their age. I am not advocating it, but I do understand it. Even with that being the worst crime that happens, I still wanted to look at Pyronix burglar alarms when my mom bought a house not too far from me. I was not worried about someone attempting to break into my home, but my attitude changes quickly when it comes to my mom.

She lives about a mile away in a small one bedroom cottage. It has a fence around it, but I know that fences don’t keep anything out that want to go in. My mom can take care of herself, but I still wanted that extra layer of security because she is a single and elderly woman living alone. If someone has bad thoughts in their head, then someone like my mom is a good target for them.

I looked online at different burglar alarms, and I really liked what the Pyronix systems have to offer. The company I looked at first is the only one I looked at because they have a wide variety of superior products at prices that just cannot be beat. I like that I could buy single replacment cameras, remotes and fobs among other things there too along with the entire kit to initially get her house outfitted with a complete security system. I was able to do the complete installation myself too, which really saved me a lot of money considering the professional installers want at least three times the amount of money that I spent doing it myself.