Less Waste and No Paper

The process of turning years worth of paperwork into digital records is very time consuming. This happened at my office, and we had to buy special scanners to speed up the process. All of the digital records were backed up onto multiple discs and stored in a safe space where they won’t be subjected to harmful elements like temperature extremes and sunlight. It would have been impossible for us to shred all of the paper ourselves, so we called for waste management services to shred the documents and dispose of them discreetly. We didn’t want anyone finding the papers and reassembling them for the purpose of stealing people’s identities.

Now that the entire office has become up to date with its digital record storage, things are muchh easier to do. We can recall records for individuals on the fly using our digital database and we can instantly send them to the required locations. The database can be accessed by any computer that is connected to our network, which is secured by a high level password encryption that only our employees know how to get into while they are at work. To keep it even more secure, we change the password a couple of times during the year so that nothing in the way of illegal access will happen.

While I do realize that digital records are not the end all be all, and that the ones that are stored on discs will have to be backed up again at some point, it’s still a lot better to have them than the paper ones. They can be transported more easily, and if there is an event where they need to be saved in a hurry, it’s possible to do. They can even be saved from a fire thanks to the safe they are in.