My Sister and I Wanted to Shoot Clay Pigeons Again

When my sister and I were kids, we used to go out with our dad on the weekends. Sometimes we would fish, and other times we would shoot clay pigeons. Whatever it was, we had a lot of fun. Then, we turned into teens, and hanging out with our friends became more important to us. Now that we are older, we were talking about some of the fun times we had, and we both remembered how much fun shooting the clay pigeons was. I decided to look up clay pigeon shooting lessons to see if there was an instructor close by who would be able to give us a refresher course in it.

I thought I would end up finding someone private, a person who has been clay pigeon shooting for a long time. Well, we did find that type of person, but he actually works at Lady’s Wood. That is a place where people can go and have all kinds of fun shooting clay pigeons. He is a professional instructor there, and I was able to schedule a time for my sister and I to go there and reclaim some of our youth back.

To be honest, he was a much better teacher than our father! He taught us everything we needed to know, and I was surprised on how easily most of it came back to us. It was the first time either one of us had held a shotgun since we were ten years old, but it felt like all those years just evaporated away. We were quite efficient at shooting, and we both had a respectable record. While it was fun learning how to shoot again, it was even better spending time with my sister recreating memories. We now go shooting at least once a month or so, and even our husbands want to join us next time.