Small Interest Could Be a Huge Career

When I was in high school, being able to build a mobile app and help companies was always something that I wanted to do. I loved playing on apps and using them on my phone. I had no idea that being a mobile app developer was something that I could go to college and learn about. I really had no idea how interesting of a career path that would be for me either.

Straight out of high school, I went to college for computer information studies. Computers and technology were always passions of mine and working in IT was probably the only career goal I had. It was a small dream, but I knew it was something that I would enjoy. One of my roommates was actually in a few of my classes, but she had different dreams.

One night, we had decided to help each other study for a test we had in Information Servicing. She made the comment that a few of this stuff was like when you build an app. We started to talk about app building and she showed me a few apps she had on the stores on the phone. I had no idea that she had a side job of creating apps. She said she always loved doing that and that there is always a lot of good money to be made by building apps.

After some talking, she got me interested in learning how to build apps. One night, she did a crash course in how to create an app and taught me the scripts I needed to learn and set me up on a path of learning. A week later, I created my first app. It wasn’t much, but it was one I created for my own phone to help me keep up with my calendars.

Years later, I still dabble in app development. I do a few here and there, but nothing major. My old roommate has went on to be the head director for some of the biggest apps in the world and has been a creative director for some of them as well.