Store Protection with a CCTV System

After having my store robbed once, I was convinced that I needed to keep a watchful eye on it at all times. I was a fool for not having a system set in place from the beginning that would allow me to see the store while I was there and away. I bought a CCTV system from a dealer, but it wasn’t quite what I needed. The system was pretty lackluster and only had enough space and cameras to monitor one part of the store. I found a place that would let me trade CCTV systems for new ones, so I upgraded to a much better option that has more cameras and enough storage space to record a month of footage without deleting anything.

The system was pretty easy to install and once it was, I felt like I had one of the most secure stores on the block, if not in the whole city. Of course, the best way to test if a CCTV system is actually working is to see if it can pick up on criminal activity while it’s happening. I had a couple of people come into the store and pretend that they were stealing items. They walked around the store and put various things in their coats and pants as covertly as possible. These items didn’t have any tags on them, so the alarm system wouldn’t go off and call the police. After everyone left the store, I looked at the security footage.

The CCTV system picked up all of the activity that I wanted in the test. No matter what angle of the store the people were stealing items from, the cameras were able to see them. Now the next time someone comes into my store, they better think twice about stealing from it, or they’ll find themselves behind bars.