The Band Has Really Improved with Practice

Of course the band only exists because we got a rich lead singer. He has been able to get the money to keep it all afloat and we have actually gotten a lot better from rehearsal. The rest of us know that he is not a very good singer, but he does seem to somewhat make up for it with theatrics. He went and hired a video production house in Singapore last week and we made a video, but when we listened to it we realized that someone had done some work to the vocals. We were impressed in a way that was not so great for him. All of the rest of us got to thinking that we were really close to being a good band, and that we would not ever get much closer until we got someone who could sing. This guy from the video place started to act like he knew exactly what we should.

In fact he came up with some pretense to get rid of Ken and then told us that he could sing, play guitar, bass and keyboards. This was the truth it turned out, he showed us his web page and then he sang a few songs for us. There was no dancing around what he was saying and it was not anything that the rest of us did not know. Of course we do not own the band name and there is not any doubt that we never would have gotten so far without him or his dad’s money. We sat down and offered to let him be our manager, but he was only interested in standing in front of the band. We found out that he had a whole new version of the band playing in a party five days after all of this.