The Best Animated Marketing Idea for Us

My daughter is an incredible artist, and I have used her artistic abilities in my own company. Give her a pencil and paper, and she can seemingly make characters she draws come alive. Some of her drawings are on billboards around town, and they make me proud every time I see them. When she told me that she had done some work for another company that involved using a business that does motion graphics in Singapore, she was really quite animated herself. She told me that while her drawings for my own company are great in the two dimensional world, she thought that this company could make them three dimensional and much more interesting.

I had often thought about that in the past, but I knew that she did not have that kind of ability so I never thought much about it other than a passing thought now and again. When she showed me a company that could take her characters and actually make them three dimensional on a video, I was just as excited as she was. I knew that we could really amp up our marketing that way.

We met with the creative team from the graphics company, and I was impressed with how many different ideas they had right off the bat. My daughter had already showed them her drawings, and they were familiar with them anyway from seeing them around town. They were just as excited making them come alive in animated form, and we agreed upon the right direction fairly fast. It did not take them long to get back to us with their first rendering, and it was incredible. Since that first one, they have helped us quite a bit with our marketing. Our bottom line is showing that this was the best decision we could have made!