Transforming a Warehouse into Prime Office Space

I got an incredible deal on an abandoned warehouse. I had been looking for office space, but I had only been looking at established office complexes. I was just not finding what I wanted, and I was growing frustrated as I had looked at dozens of properties. The realtor joked with me that I should buy an empty building at a great rate and then look into office fit out in Bristol. While she said it jokingly, I knew that she was frustrated as well that we were not able to find something perfect for me.

I grinned at her suggestion, but then I actually thought about it. I asked her about large buildings for sale, and she told me about the warehouse that is just on the outskirts of the area I was looking into for my offices. I was blessed with a creative mind, which is probably why I was not pleased with anything I had seen up to that point. I asked to see the warehouse because I knew that I would be able to see past whatever the interior looked like. I was right too because as soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted it.

I was able to get it for a steal, and then the fun really started. I contracted a company that transforms places just like this into amazing interior spaces, and we were able to combine our creativity and come up with a gorgeous proposition. It included the entire design, the electrical and plumbing aspects, the flooring, the safety features like fire alarms, the lighting, partition dividers, and even the furniture itself. Seeing this transform from a dirty bare space into what it is now was amazing. We get so many compliments on our office space, and I have to agree with every single one of them. I’m so glad my realtor joked about this!