We Enjoyed Our Walking Holiday

We wanted to do something different for our vacation last year, so we told the kids to all put on their thinking caps. My husband and I did the same, then we discussed what we came up with one week later. All the ideas were great, but our oldest son had the best idea of all of us. He had researched walking holidays in Spain. It was something none of us had heard of before, but he discovered it when he was looking at various destinations to vacation at in Spain.

Our entire family is very active, and we enjoy hiking a lot. We are not professional mountain climbers by any means, but we are definitely not amateurs either. I was proud of our son for finding a vacation spot that would allow us to stay somewhere we had never been before, and it also incorporated different hiking and walking options. We are not competitive with this. Rather, we just enjoy walking and looking at nature, getting a workout, and just spending time together. There were two different itineraries for walking holidays, and that was our biggest struggle because they both looked so fun.

We ended up choosing the first itinerary. The walks averaged to about five hours each, with a free day in the middle. Even on the days where we walked different trails and circuits, we still had plenty of time throughout the rest of the day to do other things. The house we stayed in was comfortable, the town offered a lot of fun things to do, and the walks were the highlight of the day. We all instantly agreed to give it a try. We enjoyed our walking holiday so much that I think we are going to end up doing it again in the very near future!