We’re Finding New Activities to Do and Meeting New Friends

It’s not possible to have a weapon in your home where my husband and I live in England, but we’ve found a fun way to get in our shooting fix by taking clay pigeon shooting lessons at a nearby business. We used to go target shooting at the local range when we lived in the US, and we found ourselves missing it because it was an activity that we did together. We’ve been having a lot of fun and meeting other like-minded couples who do it, too.

I married a man who was originally born in England, but he lived in my country for many years before we met. We stayed in my country for the first ten years of the marriage. When my mom passed away, I felt there was nothing left for me there, and I readily agreed to move to his country afterward. I have really enjoyed getting to know his family and learning a new way of life. I felt a bit shy at first and stayed at home often, but little-by-little, he has been showing me that there are a lot of fun activities here that we can do together, just like we did before I came here.

I’m not sure if I will ever go back home again. I miss it, but I am really beginning to feel comfortable here in my new surroundings. We also just bought a small cottage in a quaint neighborhood that is really beautiful. I’m slowly getting to know my neighbors and really coming out of my shell. At first, I worried that I would not be welcomed here, but that has not happened at all. I feel happy and welcomed. So, I’m not sure that there would ever be a reason for us to leave again when I feel like I’m finally settling in and enjoying everything about this new way of life.